crafted by photobiz

A wedding is full of surprise moments that must be captured.

Jo’s Approach to Photographing a Wedding is loose and candid.
His forte lies in the ability to photograph people at their most natural best.
When people are comfortable in relaxed surroundings they let loose,
let their guard down. Suddenly, something memorable happens
and Jo is there to capture it in all its glorious spontaneity.
The result is an extraordinarily, honest portrait, beautifully photographed.
These are events that will be handed down
in conversation for years to come.
The most meaningful and special moments in someone’s life
should be captured and preserved because
god knows they are few and far between.

“ A watery eyed glance says I truly love you in the most profound way.”

Jo’s natural and spontaneous look is his trademark.

“ For me, covering a wedding is instinctual. For you
it means peace of mind in knowing there is a capable photographer
capturing your finest hour so you can relive it forever, promise.”

-Jo Blanco Photographer